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Meteorite Type: Stone Meteorite (Martian)

Weight: 0.035 grams

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Only 100 kg of Mars meteorites have been found on Earth. An absolute must to own and these pieces are better than the tiny fragments you see online.  A chance to own another world, and one that we won’t be landing on for another 10 years at least with human exploration.

Northwest Africa (NWA) 7397 
Martian meteorite
Found, Northwest Africa, 2012

Despite the six spacecraft that have successfully landed on Mars, the only Martian rock samples available for study on Earth are from Martian meteorites. There are currently only 96 Martian meteorites on Earth and, as our colleagues at the IMCA wrote: “This is because more of the Martian meteorites probably are launch paired; that is, they probably are pieces from different parts of single lava flows.”

A fascinating thought, given that these meteorites did not fall in the same country or even on the same continent! Get your fragment of this amazing and rare piece of the Red Planet today, at the lowest prices we’ve ever seen on quality Martian material.

Northwest Africa 7397 is a martian meteorite found in the dry deserts of Africa in 2012. It was examined by meteorite scientists A. Irving and S. Kuehner at the University of Washington and classified as a shergottite.  These boxes represent one of the most affordable ways of owning a piece of the red planet.

We have a very limited supply of these lovely collectables.

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Weight 0.0048 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 2 cm


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