NWA 5744 Pair Matched – Lunar Troctolite – 6.75g


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Meteorite Type: (lunar, granulitic troctolitic breccia).

Weight: 6.75 grams

Out of stock


A chunk of the Moon – A very special chunk of the Moon. Lunar Troctolite’s found on Apollo 17 helped re-define science as we know it. This is a lunar meteorite of the same class and type as NWA 5744, and is from a recent find in Morocco. Weighing in at  fantastic 6.75g this is a real display piece and one for show and tell at outreach events.  This is the very last one we have for sale. Measuring over 3cm by 2cm


Classification: Achondrite (lunar, granulitic troctolitic breccia).

Additional information

Weight 0.0675 kg
Dimensions 3 × 0.4 × 2 cm


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