NWA 11081 – 6.25 g


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Meteorite Type: Stone Meteorite (Eucrite)

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A Vesta Fiesta! – After the DAWN spacecraft visited one of the largest asteroids in our solar system analysis showed that the HED class (Howardite, Eucrite Diogenite) class of meteorites were probably ones blasted off its surface – From a single stone comes a remarkable eucrite, representing only around 5% of all known meteorites. With a visually unique interior, this slicer shows a fine mix of snow-white plagioclase and dark pyroxene grains lay, closely resembling the heterogeneity of a scoop of vanilla bean sorbet. This recently discovered stone also exhibits striking fusion crust around the edges that augments its dazzling, frosty interior. NWA 11081 is an Aerolite exclusive achondrite meteorite.

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