NWA 10256 – 8.5g “The Proboscis Monkey”


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Meteorite Type: Stone Meteorite (CR2 Carbonaceous Chondrite)

Weight: 8.5 grams

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Carbonaceous chondrite meteorite from Northwest Africa

Class: Carbonaceous chondrite CR2

Notes: Full slice with chondrules and CAIs. Contains pre-solar grains

With a small total known weight of 707.3 grams, Aerolite acquired six identical appearing full stones with smooth abraded fusion crust. A saw cut reveals many distinct chondrules of variable size set in a dark-grey groundmass. This rare, newly classified CR2 is thought to have been heated at higher temperatures as compared to other carbonaceous chondrites (CI/CM) and formed in an aqueous environment. NWA 10256 is an Aerolite exclusive!

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