Darwin Glass – 5.03g


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Meteorite Type: Darwin Glass – Impactite

Weight: 5.03g


1 in stock


Description: A very difficult-to-obtain impact glass
Weight: 0.5g
Class: Impact glass

Location of find: Mount Darwin, Tasmania

Impact glasses are formed by the heat and pressure of a very large meteorite impact when target rock, or sand, is fused into a natural glass. These impact glasses have literally been melted into existence by the energy of an exploding meteorite. Other examples of impact glasses include Libyan Desert Glass and Moldavites.


Darwin Glass is among the rarest of impact glasses and we are very lucky to have obtained a few excellent examples from colleagues in Australia. The impact is believed to have taken place about 800,000 years ago and fragments are rich in chromium, nickel, and cobalt, indicating that they contain actual pieces of the original meteorite, frozen forever within the glass! A remarkable and fascinating meteorite collectible.


All specimens we sell are accompanied by an official specimen identification card and guaranteed 100% authentic and as described.

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