Buzzard Coulee – 71 g


Meteorite Type: Stone Meteorite (H4)

Weight: 71 grams


Buzzard Coulee was one of the most spectacular witnessed falls of modern times. Aerolite owner, Geoff Notkin, made two successful expeditions to the strewnfield, one of which was filmed for the popular “Buzzard Coulee/Whitecourt” episode of Meteorite Men. These excellent specimens were found by Geoff’s Canadian hunting partners and all specimens have legal export papers from Canada. Quickly snapped up by collectors, these are almost our last examples of this must-have witnessed fall. All specimens show excellent fusion crust


A massive fireball lit up the evening skies along the Alberta/Saskatchewan border on November 20, 2008. A determined search produced stone meteorites near the small town of Lone Rock, Saskatchewan, about three hours’ drive east of Edmonton. The first pieces were recovered a week after the fall by a University of Calgary team, frozen into a small lake in a ravine named Buzzard Coulee — and the new H4 chondrite got its name. This is one of our director’s all-time favourite stones, and one that every serious collector should own! A chance also with this 71g to own quite a significant piece

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